A Journey of 800+ miles begins with….

So, this is not necessarily a technical blog about all the fixes done on SV Yankee Girl. It is a balance of the experience too.

I have spent a lot of my life trying to live an examined life (sometimes my friend thinks too examined). I want to pay attention to the experience. See what the impact of my actions are having on myself and the community around me. This year, I have been trying to also work on being present. Not get too focused on what has happened or what will happen. Attend the daily moments of life. Well, having a global pandemic has really helped that for sure. Focusing on the moment at hand seems to be the best tactic I can think of for this situation.

Today my crew shows up. I am super excited to see my friends and figure out this expedition. Yankee Girl has had a few challenges getting into the water.

Prior to launching, we stepped the mast on Yankee Girl. Utilizing the travel lift, a few extra hands and some tiny hands, the mast was up. However, it was quickly discovered that the cap shroud on the port side had been damaged. The turn buckle and the stud would no longer adjust. Feeling pretty lucky to know a local rigger who was able to get me a Sta-Lok extra long right hand stud for the rigging. To add to the drama, the wrong part was shipped from the company in Ft. Lauderdale. The owner of Omar Sales was able to get a new part overnighted. The new part was installed on the 4th of July.

Our first attempt quickly led to us getting pulled right back out of the water. The sea cock in the galley sink started to leak. We were not sure if it was leaking from the old wood pad it was sitting on or from the actually sea cock. Through some creative problem solving and folks with a lot of bits and pieces around, we were able to make a new sea cock and install it the next morning.

On July 2nd, Yankee Girl was splashed again. This time, all thru hulls and sea cocks remained dried. It was very exciting to actually be on the boat on the water. It has been a really long time. All instruments turned on and engine was running. We headed out Adam’s Creek for Taylor Creek Marina. About half way to the marina, the little engine begins to overheat. The hook is dropped and waiting begins. The engine was not moving water like it should. The engine is turned back on and we gingerly coast into the dock. Guess I am going to change the impeller.

A new impeller is installed on the little water pump. Water seems to be moving through the engine a better rate. This was the first time I have changed the impeller with the engine in the boat. There was a bit of struggle until the suggestion of removing the water pump first was given that progress was made.

I am still a bit nervous about this month long voyage. Tomorrow we will head out to Cape Lookout for a little shakedown cruise. If all goes well, we will then head to Swansboro for our first night of our expedition.

I want to thank a few people for helping Yankee Girl get into the water. The guys at Burbridge and Wilson are always available for helpful ideas and heckling. Elliot Irwin for being a friend. Mike Collins for being an incredible mechanic and willing to pick up the phone or stop by on his dinghy. Craig Beavers at Omar Sails for getting me parts and helping with my rigging. And Jeff Lovett. I would not be in the water if it was not for his talent, sacrifice, compassion, knowledge and above all friendship. He is always there for me….where ever there may be. Wipe my tears, cheer me on or check in with me when the wrong turn is about to be made. I am so grateful for his long standing friendship.

I will try to get some photos uploaded to the blog, but my technology is a bit limited right now.

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