Small Adjustments

Last week we started tracking a tropical event, now called Isaias. We were in a pretty good position to find a safe little hurricane hole and let the weather pass over. We were beginning our trek across the Okeechobee Water Way. Tucked in between locks that were not susceptible to tidal surges. There was a marina willing to take Yankee Girl to ride out the storm; Indiantown Marina.

The opportunity to have Yankee Girl safe for this storm became a bigger positive as I began to start thinking more about my fall. The original plan was to have Yankee Girl on the dock in Everglades City for the summer. I would be here to move her if a storm was pop up. However, with the uncertainty of the fall (the lack of bike tours due COVID-19), I am not confident I will be here 100% of the time. I could not leave my sweet boat alone to fend for herself. So, I have adjusted my plans a bit.

Yankee Girl will spend her summer hauled out in Indiantown, FL. I will relaunch her in October and finish our journey onto Everglades City.

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