300 miles in our wake

We have been traveling for 10 days now. Yankee Girl has traveled over 300 miles during this time. That is a a lot of miles after spending three years in the boat yard. But those three years have helped me understand this boat a lot better.

While in Charleston, SC, it was discovered that we had an electrical issue. When we flipped the battery switch to “ALL” prior to starting the engine, the horrible sound of crackling came from the engine compartment. Thankfully the engine compartment is never far away on this tiny little boat. Somewhere there was an electrical arch happening. I had been curious about how the vibration of the engine effects the boat. The vibration of the engine caused the alternator to slip down slightly, less than a quarter of an inch. This action caused two issues; a loose belt on the alternator and for the positive wire to be pinched between the alternator and the starter. Neither a hard fix.

I was really happy that I was advised to bring ALL my tools on this expedition, including my heat gun and wiring kit. The only thing I did not have for this repair was the 12 – 10 #10 heat shrink ring terminals. And apparently, neither did the West Marine in Charleston. With a couple of more phone calls, the ring terminals were found at Auto Zone. A quick uber was ordered.

Once the ring terminal was attached and the positive lead attached onto the alternator, KK and I adjusted the tension on the alternator. I topped off the oil and the old pancake is back in action.

I have to admit, it felt good that I had the tools, the ability, and the advise of my best friend to get us southbound again.

We are chugging along.

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