Humble Pie Every Day

Life on board of Yankee Girl is finding a nice pace. We have been underway for 49 hours and 30 minutes / 257 nautical miles / 295 statue miles / 6 days. The list of lessons continues to build upon one another.
I do truly enjoy the feeling of getting into the grove of being on expedition. Even down to the pre-course jitters. I have never started an Outward Bound course without having a sleepless night the night before course start, to the feeling of pattern and ease as the expedition continues. My father told me when I was a young instructor, that the day I stop feeling nervous before a course start, I need a new job. Well, Dad, I am doing the right thing.
By no means am I relaxing and thinking that we have this made. We are not even half way. But I know what to look for each morning. I know the vibrations of the engine. I am understanding Yankee Girls patterns. Yankee Girl is pretty good at serving me a piece of humble pie every day.
Along with understanding Yankee Girl’s patterns, we are learning one another’s patterns. Learning how to take better care of each other.

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