Home Sick

My view from the highest peak on the eastern seaboard.

I currently find myself tucked into my friend’s cabin on the side of a mountain in Western North Carolina.  A fire burning in the stove and I have not seen the sun shine since I have been here. A two week Outward Bound course with Appalachian State University has brought Adventure Dog and I back to the misty mountains.

Jeff was excited to get rid of some of the old electrical.

When I left Beaufort, Yankee Girl had been stripped of her old electrical wiring, her electric panel, and one scary old fuse box that looked like we could take to the Antique Road Show.  With the help of my friend Jeff, a list of materials was made and a couple of sketches of how the panel, terminal & bus would be laid out, a true level excitement ignited inside of me.  I could see a bright and safe future for my little boat that would be my responsibility and handy work (under close supervision 😉 ).  Along with the electrical work, I also started working on prepping the bottom for a fresh coat of bottom paint before she would be launched again.

The big part of the prep work for the bottom paint is pretty simple, but takes time and is nasty work.  You don your respirator, cover yourself as best as possible, and get out your sander and sand and sand.  I have sanded a few bottoms in my day, but this was the first time I have sanded the bottom of my own boat.  It really felt different.  Looking closely at every nuance of the haul, poking at every blemish that came along.  Worried that I would discover something that would uncover a nasty problem.   I did discover my girl does have a few blisters.  No giant festering spots that squirt an acid when poked with an awl, just a “few” that weeped when poked.  I do know that the this feeling of excitement for sanding bottom paint off my boat will not last.  The newness will wear off with time.  I do know the passion for this boat will not wear thin.  I am eager to return to work on the projects that lie ahead.  Open the boxes of electrical supplies that await for me on friend’s floor (thank goodness for Amazon Prime).  I feel like a little kid waiting for her birthday party.


This boat is my home.  My sense of place.  The place I get to nest.  I am far from home & I miss her!

getting into home improvement

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