My Boat


On December 28, 2015 SV Yankee Girl left Marco Island, FL heading south east to Everglades City, FL under a new captain.  I took the helm of this sweet little Pacific Seacraft 25 as the new owner.  My first sailboat!  My first home!

SV Yankee Girl is a 1979 Pacific Seacraft 25.  She was designed by Henry Mohrschladt who was inspired by the old workboats of the 19th century.  A double-ended sailboat, she is not the fastest boat on the sea, but she is seaworthy and comfortable.  Her green hull and tan-bark sails are unique and what first caught my eye when I saw her listed for sale in December.  Having spent many of her winters in comfortable storage of Wisconsin and summers in fresh waters of Lake Superior, she was in amazing condition.  Yankee Girl got her first taste of salt water only about four years ago.  A gentleman who refurbished old hotrods brought her south to Marco Island, FL where he continued to keep her in amazing condition.  And now, she tied to the dock here on Sunset Island.

The process of bringing the two of us together was like riding a roller coaster for three weeks.  So many questions floated through my mind.  Was I competent enough to own a boat?  Could I afford this adventure, both financially and emotionally?  Was this a good boat?  Then the questions rolled down the other side of doubt with pure exhilaration!  The adventures await out in the sea.  A place to call my own.  I have been fantasizing about owning a boat for years!  This decision became not just a practical decision, but an emotional one as well.  With the clear support of my family and friends, I gathered my funds and bought myself a boat!

And now the adventure awaits in the unknown world of boat ownership!


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